Invent Fantastic Flying Machines


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LET’S INVENT: Spark!Lab Smithsonian INVENTIVE CREATIVITY KITS are perfect for the child who has ideas for cool inventions but doesn’t know where to start.

EXPLORE IT: Use the Spark!Lab invention process to create your flying machine. Search the internet or library for all kinds of flying machines. Watch as your ideas come to life!

SKETCH IT: Use the Spark!Lab invention guide to draw out your flying machine designs. This helps inventors visualize what they are about to build

CREATE IT: Start inventing multiple flying machines with over 150 pcs, including a wind-up propeller, building sticks, straws, nylon and plastic paper, patterned papers, foil sticks and more

TRY IT: This step lets you think about how you can improve your flying machine. Does your flying machine work the way you want it to? if yes, congratulations! You now know the process of invention


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