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Collection of 10 assorted miniature farm animal figures ranging from approximately .75 inch to 3 inches tall

Animals include horse, chicken, pig, duck, cow, donkey, goat, rooster, sheep, border collie
Includes fun facts about each animal

Solid flocked figures stand independently and store in divided sturdy wooden storage tray

Ages 3+;

15.5″ x 13.5″ X 1.75″ storage tray

Cultivate endless hours of imaginative playtime with these adorable and realistically detailed farm animals! The collection of 10 felt-covered miniature models includes barnyard buddies of all sizes, from the majestic horse with a flowing mane to the adorable web-footed duck.

All the animals store in individual compartments in the wooden “barn.” Fun facts about each animal are included. Kids 3 and older will love to play with and learn about what’s happening down on the farm!

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