Fart Ninjas Windbreak Warrior


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Trained in the art of espionage, gassassination and skilled in martial farts, Fart Ninjas is the gross out boys action-figure line that allows you to ?surprise and disgust? your friends with? farts when you least expect it! Hide your FART NINJA figure to surprise and disgust your unsuspecting target! FART NINJAS Series 1 is a collection of 8 different collectible figures, each with 10 realistic motion-activated fart sounds.

We call them Fart Ninjas, ?Silent, Butt Deadly?. For Ages 5+ Down load the free Fart Ninja companion app for IOS or Android devices! The app features a Fart Ninja photo booth, Fart mixer to create your own custom fart mixes and augmented reality to bring your Fart Ninja to life! Each character sold separately.

  • Motion activated fart sounds
  • 10 realistic fart sounds
  • Launch a fart attack!
  • Batteries included
  • Download the free companion app


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Dimensions 7 × 6 × 3 cm


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