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A 2-5 player trivia game where the player who scores the most points wins. The trivia questions, score, game instructions and game moderator are all contained in the “Guess The Fake” electronic unit that houses everything you need to play the game.

Players will sit at one of the 5 colored stations on the unit and listen for instruction. The electronic unit randomly picks a trivia question in true/false format and then directs the question to one of the colored stations, which will flash when selected.

The player then presses the button on their color station and then subsequently presses one of two buttons on the middle of the unit. The green button signifies true, while the red button signifies false.

The player also has the option of challenging another player to answer the question. Answering wrong equals a two point penalty for the challenged player, while answering correctly nets the player 1 point.

The electronic unit also mixes in “quick” challenges randomly. In this type of challenge, the electronic will ask a question than any player an answer, but only the player that pushes their color station button first gets to answer the question and score a point.

The winner is the player with the most points, and a typical game is the first player to 20 points.

Ages 8+

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