Hockey Guys


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A note to help you enjoy Hockey Guys: The mat will have some creases when you take it out of the box. As it sits out on a hard, flat surface, the creases will smooth out, but if you would like to speed up the process, the mat can be ironed directly on the BACK – on medium. Please use caution as you must iron on the BACK ONLY and care should be taken as the plastic of the mat will heat up quickly. Only adults should attempt this.

14 2 1/2″ players

◾ 1 referee

◾ 2 goals

◾ 1″ puck

◾ 10 rink wall pieces that slide together to form the rink

◾ 26″ x 18″ shiny, slick plastic mat that resembles “ice”

◾Instruction booklet with basic Hockey rules and strategy

◾ 10″ x 6″ x 5″ stackable container with attached lid and handle


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