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What’s the coolest, viral trend? Hydro-dipping! We give you everything you need to customize 5 mini finger skateboards.

Using water and graphic “skins,” our kid-safe process allows you to apply graphic images to the skateboard decks. No toxic chemicals or spray paint needed.

Your complete set includes 5 skate-decks, 8 hydro-skins, grip tape, stickers, wheels, screws and a mini tool set.

When you’re finished, assemble your skateboards and get your fingers ready to do ollies, kick flips, heel flips and more!

Ages: 7 to 97

Contents Include: 5 Skate decks, 10 trucks, 20 wheels and screws, 8 hydro dip designs, Mini tool, Clear sticker sheet, metallic sticker sheet, sponge tool



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