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Visit Shimmer and Shine’s magical palace!

Boom Zahramay! Are you ready to play? Shimmer and Shine’s palace living room is decorated in pretty jewel-toned colors and comes with a magical surprise! When kids place Shimmer or Shine into the special holder and then lift and lower the jewel, the genie will move up and down like she’s magically floating over the couch!?The playset also features lots of fun phrases, a song from the television show and it even comes with side pillows that make perfect perches for Tala and Nahal. The Float & Sing Palace Friends playset comes with Shimmer, Shine, Tala and Nahal.


Place Shimmer or Shine on the couch and press the gem to see one of them magically “float”
Press the gem on the front of the playset for phrases and a song
Shimmer and Shine are each approximately 15.2 cm (6 in) and come dressed in fabric skirts and glittery vests
Tala and Nahal can sit on the side pillows

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