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Assemble the army and plan your attack – Stratego awaits.

Game play is simple, but can you master the strategy?

There is one simple purpose – protect the flag!

Forty pieces (per player) are lined up with precision and careful thought (or randomly and quickly, if your child is so inclined). Each piece represents a specific officer or soldier in the army, and are given a numbered rank – higher ranks capture lower ranking pieces.

Spies, Lieutenant, Captians, Majors (even bombs!) are moved and arranged to guard the flag and advance on opponents.

One move per turn. Bombs capture all ranks, except the Miner (rank 5). Move wisely.

Each move is wrapped in suspense. Risk-taking and strategy battle for victory.

Stratego Original •The ultimate game of strategy and surprise
•Develop strategic thinking, discernment, risk/probability
•Capture your opponents flag for a thrilling victory
•Higher-ranking pieces capture low-ranking pieces
•Bombs add extra intrigue
•Includes: 41 red and 41 blue pieces (varying ranks), board, screen, 2 sorting trays for pieces
•Game board and instructions included
•Suspenseful and thrilling for children and adults alike

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