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The right tool for the right ‘do! Kids can help Sunny change her hair color with her incredible, magical color-change tool!

Little stylists can help Sunny create a long-lasting, new look for the Style Files with her “magic” color-change tool. Switch the “S” between pastel and bright settings, place Sunny’s hair in the middle portion of the tool, and then pull the tool down Sunny’s hair and watch the magical color transformation come to life! Kids can change Sunny’s hair color between 8 bold and vibrant colors! Mix it up with different designs and patterns for colorful, customized styles that will be sure to bring out a smile. Sunny measures approximately 11 in (27 cm) tall.

Includes Sunny doll in her exclusive outfit with removable styling belt and comb accessories
Color-change tool has pastel and bright settings to change Sunny’s hair color. Change her hair between 8 different colors. Bottom layer of yellow hair does not change color.
Long-lasting color-change! Sunny’s hair color stays until kids use the tool to change it (color may change due to ambient temperatures).
Customize Sunny’s look with stripe design and patterns

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