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If you thought the original Boggle or the Big Boggle game was fun, try Super Big Boggle!

Super Big Boggle is a timed word game where players attempt to find as many connected words as possible from the face up letters resting in a 36 cube grid.

Here’s how to play… Words are formed from adjoining letters – you may not skip over letters. Letters must be in the proper sequence to spell a word. They may join horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to the left, right or up-and-down. No letter cube may be used more than once in a single word.

When the 4 minute timer runs out, players compare their list of words and remove any shared words. Points are then awarded for remaining words, depending on how many letters are in the word. If you are the only one to find a word, your score is based on the number of letters in that word.

Super Big Boggle is similar to the standard Boggle or Big Boggle, but with the following changes: Super Big Boggle uses a six inch by six inch grid of letters instead of a four by four or five by five inch, and the minimum word size is changed to five letters instead of three or four.

Super Big Boggle
•Super fun timed word game played on a 36 cube grid
•Refines spelling abilities, develops vocabulary
•A quick-play challenge that’s fun for the whole family
•Words are formed from adjoining letters
•Points are awarded based on how many letters are in each word
•Super Big Boggle uses a 6 x 6 inch grid – Standard Boggle uses a 4 x 4 inch
•Minimum word size is 5 letters


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