Tie Dyed Pop Pillow


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A reusable kit for endless sewing. sew 2 pillows, dye them in stunning textile hues and decorate with gemstones and beads.

Sewing Machine(8.26” x 8.26”)

Foot Pedal

4 Full bobbins(approx. 394 FT.)

2 Empty bobbins

Needle Threader

Spare sewing machine needle

4 Pieces of white fabric (19.69” x 19.69”)

3 Powered shades of fabric dye in plastic spouted bottles

Approximately 350 beads in various colors

40 heart shaped gemstones

80 Round and transparent gemstones

10 Rubber bands

1 Pair of disposable gloves


3 Spools of Embroidery thread in various colors(approx. 87 FT.)

Plastic pinwheel with approximately 40 straight pins


Detailed instructions

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