Arcade Hover Shot


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  • The Arcade Hover Shot is the ultimate target shooting challenge. Balls float on a stream of air while you try to take you best shot to shoot them with the foam dart blaster. Increase the difficulty by using the smaller balls or increasing the shooting distance. Place 5 balls ontop of the 5 pillars.
  • Turn the air base on in order to start the fans and levitate the balls. Load the soft foam darts into the blaster and try to shoot down the balls. There are multiple ways to play and challenge your family & friends. 5 Shot Challenge – players take turns and see how many balls they can knock down with 5 shots.
  • The player that knocks down the most wins. Race Against The Clock – Set a desired time and the player that knocks down the most during the time wins. Expert Mode – for a more challenging game use the smaller balls. You can also mix the two different size balls for a unique game.
  • Package contains 1 target air base, 5 nozzles, 1 air-powered blaster, 6 soft darts, 12 ball (6 large & 6 small), 4 silicone feet, sticker sheet & instructions. Recommended for adults and children ages 6 and above. For 1 to 2 players

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