Don’t Tip The Waiter


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Test your trembling hands and stacking skills in the hilarious Wobbling Waiter Challenge! This 2-4 player game challenges you to strategically stack plates and bowls on the waiter’s wobbly tray. Spin the spinner, carefully add the next dish, and see how high you can build your culinary tower…But watch out–one slip and it’s tip time! Be the last player with money remaining for a satisfying and stack-tastic victory!
  • • Let the stacking showdown begin! Each player starts with 3 money bills…and then brace yourself for the spin of fate! The spinner decides which yummy food tokens will test your waiter’s tray-balancing skills. • Can you handle the pressure? Place your food tokens with trembling hands on the waiter’s tray. Don’t let a plate go flying, or its tip time! If any plates fall, the player must tip the waiter 1 money bill. The last player with cash rules the restaurant!
  • • Calling all stack masters! Team up with your favorite 2-4 people ages 4 and up to test your skills on the waiter’s wobbling tray. • Complete restaurant setup included! This game includes the waiter (body & base), his serving tray, 12 small food dishes, 12 large food dishes, 12 pieces of money, a spinner & clear instructions.
  • • Suitable for children ages 4 and up.

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