Youth 2 Stick Lacrosse Set 32”


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  • LEARN TO PLAY: The Franklin Future Champs kids lacrosse 2 stick and ball set is perfect for introducing your little athletes to the game of lacrosse!
  • MODIFIED DESIGN TO TEACH LACROSSE FUNDAMENTALS: The smaller 32inch stick lengths are combined with the overall lightweight ABS construction & thinner shaft designs, which allow for easier stick handling for smaller hands! The lacrosse head also features a deep pocket design for better play, making it easier for kids to learn to catch and throw the ball!
  • FEATURES A FULL COLOR, VIBRANT GRAPHIC WRAP applied to each shaft, bringing fun and excitement to the sport!
  • PERFECTLY designed for first-time players and backyard play! The ultimate “my first” lacrosse stick! With 2 practice sticks included, easily teach your little ones the first steps of how to throw and catch!
  • SET INCLUDES: (2) 32inch Kids Practice Lacrosse Sticks and (1) Soft Rubber Practice Lacrosse Ball to get the game started!
  • Not recommended for competitive game play
  • colors may very

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