Nerf: Super Soaker: Better Than Balloons 108-pack Core


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Nerf Better Than Balloons brand is the water balloon alternative for a revolution in water play!

There are so many ways to play with these colorful water pods! Pop them, stomp them, throw them, and splash them! Make up all kinds of games with these versatile water pods that are fun for everyone.

Nerf Better Than Balloons self-sealing pods stay in 1 piece when they burst, so when the play is over, picking them up is quick and easy. No more searching for lots of small pieces, which makes cleaning up after water balloon games such a chore.

The water pods come attached together on a sheet and are easy to remove. The individual sheets let you choose how many you want to use. Fill a few sheets to enjoy multiple games, or fill them all for one big burst of fun! The design and material make them reliable when filling up, for less unintended breakage.

Includes a total of 108 pods on 9 sheets and a reusable nozzle.

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